It's Time to Go

In the year of Covid, our backyards were all we had. I made the most of that, and I hope you did, too. But, it's time to go. Abroad. Get vaccinated. And get going. The world needs us, and, for sure, we need the world! My first hop and a skip will be to Menorca in September. And I can't wait! This Spanish island will be a great choice to reinitiate travel. Low levels of Covid to begin with...and off the beaten track of travel destinations. I'm taking a group of women to splash in the sea, explore the caves, drink the wine, taste the cheese, visit the ruins...and it will be especially lovely to do this in 2021. Meanwhile, the phone, the inbox that has been silent for over a year, is alive and so, so well. You all know it's time to go, too! Some of you are headed to Mexico, Hawaii, and Bermuda. Some of you are going to France, Germany, Turkey. You are all intrepid. You've gotten your shots, your antigen test kits, and you know what time it is. Time to go. We are blessed in the US with ready access to the vaccines. We are blessed that the borders are opening for us. Take your dream trip. Bring your family. Get out is time to GO...!